Do I Need Digital Marketing?

Do I Need Digital Marketing?

Digital vs Traditional Marketing
I was asked the other day the last time I had opened a newspaper. Honestly I wasn’t sure. So I wondered how many people actually read the newspaper any more, and lets just say the numbers are going down, quickly! But mobile use is on the rise. It’s not really a surprise, look around; you’ll see eyes glued the screen of some mobile device.

Why are we so stuck on traditional marketing then? Well, because it's what’s always been done. 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally. That means if you aren’t doing digital marketing you’re missing out!
How much does Digital Marketing Cost?
I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that digital marketing costs more than traditional marketing, plus digital marketing can be intimidating. Let’s look at the hard numbers of Digital vs traditional marketing. Traditional marketing like radio, TV, and billboards bring in an average profit of $1,702 per vehicle, while digital brings $2,514 per sale. So far digital is winning, but how much does it cost you say? Digital marketing like websites, email, social media, and mobile costs $150 to sell one car, while traditional marketing costs are typically much higher! Digital marketing doesn’t seem as intimidating now.
What Does Digital Marketing Include?
Here are 8 digital strategies to get your business in the game!
  1.      Search – Yep Google! If people can’t find your website, how can they buy from you?
  2.      Online reviews – If other people like your dealership, why wouldn't I?
  3.      Mobile – Back to the phones, but seriously don’t you hate those sites that don’t work right on your phone?
  4.      Email – A personal email can go a long way in the digital world!
  5.      Social Media – 1 in 4 car buyers use Facebook as a resource when buying a car. Do I need to say anymore?
  6.      Social Media Advertising – You can target potential buys with extreme precision. Plus, 79% of all people are on Facebook,               so go where the people are.
  7.      Online Video – When buying my gorgeous vehicle, I looked at a lot of YouTube videos, and I’m not alone. The video is an               experience, not just a blurry picture in the newspaper.
  8.      Text Messages – Texts have a 99% read rate and are almost always opened in three minutes or less!
Digital Marketing Advice
The best advice I can give you is to hire someone who knows what they are doing! There is nothing worse then staring at a screen blankly trying to figure out what all those crazy acronyms mean! (Trust me, it seems like there is an acronym for everything!)

So, how do you find the agency to help you? First things first, try to stick with one organization for everything. Working with multiple organizations can lead to things falling through the cracks and duplications. You could end up competing against yourself and wasting money. Multiple agencies means multiple headaches!
Second, find an organization that customizes the digital message for you business. One size fits all doesn’t work for digital marketing, and you shouldn’t have to fit into a cookie cutter mold. Look for an organization that knows your industry and wants to know your brand.

Third, find an organization that is exclusive. Think about it, if your marketing team is working for your neighbor too neither one of you is benefitting. Plus a real marketing company wouldn't want to compete against their own work anyway!
Digital Marketing Is Growing, Don’t get left behind!
HPR Marketing is an integrated marketing agency that is focused on providing creativity and performance to the digital marketing landscape. From social media to text message marketing, we do it all!
By Stephanie Williams and Gersi Hoxha