The New Undisputed Greatest Show on Earth

The New Undisputed Greatest Show on Earth

“Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!”

The announcement of the Ringmaster gives you goosebumps… but more importantly, did he get your attention?

Was it a better attention-grabber than the last billboard you drove past? More enjoyable than the blah-blah-blah ad playing on the car radio before you were provoked to change it? Did the Ringmaster’s cry overshadow the shock you felt after hearing that volume-overloaded television commercial as it invaded the privacy and comfort of your home?

Well… I hear you!

Whether watching television, listening to the radio, browsing the internet, or reading a newspaper -- in the 21st century -- advertising as we know it has changed. It’s the digital age, evident by the plethora of ads ending with the same reminder: Please be sure to LIKE & FOLLOW us on Facebook and Visit our website at www.APPLICABLE- BUSINESS.com

So what’s wrong with that? Nothing. It’s fine. However, now that the multi-media invitation has attracted your attention and brought you to their website, the question remains:

To help answer that question, we need to think more like the incomparable P.T. Barnum. The unmatched marketing prowess and creative genius of Barnum is undeniable. The great Phineas Taylor Barnum (1810 – 1891) was an innovator of epic proportions. He tried many highly creative ways to get the attention of others at any cost. His philosophy was that any attention would be worthy – as long as it eventually brought in business.

He was right.

Eventually, P.T. Barnum capitalized on that ever simple business strategy. He then expounded on it to bring people out of their comfort zone by using a most basic instinct: common curiosity. Curious enough, you might say, to buy an admission ticket to get up close and personal for a full view of the expertise, athleticism, and astonishing differences between human beings.

The envelope of “normalcy” was being pushed to new heights. People were willing to pay to see varieties of entertainment, which at the time, would have made most in society uncomfortable to witness. As the greatest Showman on Earth, P.T. Barnum was delighting audiences all over the Westernized world, with people from all walks of life – even royalty – pouring in through his door.

In today’s digital world, your website is the door through which those who have shown interest in your ads will come for more information. When done right, you’ll see your business reflected by a website that conveys all that is important to you -- while fulfilling the promises touted by your ads.

                                                                                               ~ ~ ~

Before social media, the choices for advertising within a modest budget were limited:  

   It’s your money – don’t waste it. So where to spend?

                                                                                               ~ ~ ~

P.T. Barnum got the attention of others by posting advertisements reflecting what an audience might see at his show. By that time, he’d accumulated a wealth of business experience and knew what worked and what did not.

Throughout his career, Barnum would use enticing words and give out teasers of oddities or incredible feats his performers could exhibit in a most thrilling manner. When oodles of spectators sat on the edge of their seats and enjoyed an unbelievably magical show that wowed them with a world they never knew; the former difficulties Barnum had selling admission tickets were a thing of the past. That’s because P.T. Barnum satisfied his customers with a 1-2 punch: 1) Intriguing promises; and 2) Delivery on those promises!
It’s very much the same marketing plan in the digital world today. The 1-2 punch of P.T. Barnum has changed into: 1) Intriguing digital advertising; and 2) A website that delivers on that advertising.


Regardless of the methods used to advertise your business, the fact remains that just as important is what you do after you get the attention of prospective clients. This means your website must be up to the standards fitting of the expectations that brought customers there in the first place. When you can answer yes to the following question, all will be fine:

                                                                                              ~ ~ ~

P.T. Barnum’s legacy with Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus ended in with their Farewell Tour of 2017.

Today, the new undisputed “Greatest Show on Earth” is The Internet and Social Media. It’s potential to reach existing and prospective customers is second to none. It’s how things get done!

Therefore, we must continue to learn, update, and conquer! Be productive and prosperous! Be like the greatest showman on earth!

So, okay. It’s time for the Show to go on.

Uh… hey, I’m talking about your Show.

Now, before you raise the curtain, it’s important to ensure that the work behind it is an appropriate representation of the work ethic and creativity you wish to portray.

If it’s not, then hiring a marketing firm to make your website the foundation of your overall digital presence -- is a very good first step. Widening the scope of your marketing plan to then leverage social media advertising -- is a great next step. Doing so will help bring growth and continued success to your business.
Until then, your next performance might be a bit tougher than it has to be.

If you need us, we’ve got your back!

Charmaine Smith Ladd
Director of Brand Development
HPR Marketing Group

[email protected]